A designed space is one that is unique to the client, their family and their lifestyle. It enhances the location and a good design maximizes the space, light and views of the surrounding area.

LYD engineers works together with the client, offering a unique engineering service with construction cost advice and design discussion. With our team and experience, LYD engineers offers the entire process under one roof, which we call as DESIGN & BUILD. Accurate computerized drawings are prepared with a 3-dimensional model to aid visualization. The design is also evaluated to ensure that it is within budget. Our clients have input into the design process at all stages. For us no job is too small and we want to help you get the best from your home or office.

Project Management

Construction Projects are increasingly complex. So effective construction management skills are required to ensure quality, schedule and cost requirement. LYD engineers can oversee the planning, control and co-ordination of the project from appointment to completion. We co-ordinate all services and act as a one point of contact for our clients, consulting with them throughout the process.

Task Includes:

  • Provides clear & transparent support & direction throughout the project cycle.
  • Guiding constantly in making decisions regarding selection, procurement & establishment of the project.
  • Every penny, which is committed or spend on the project, is based on sound scientific reasons.
  • Monitoring cost and schedule performance to identify whether a project is behind/ahead of schedule and under/over budget.
  • Improve the construction plans and specifications in order to mitigate on-site problems from occurring. Our evaluations consist of safety, quality, productivity, schedule and project cost.
  • Coordinating with Architect, Structural Consultant & all Vendors open and flowing at all times to achieve the best possible outcome for your project.

Building Construction

LYD engineers manages and oversees all construction work to guarantee our clients peace of mind. We pride itself on the quality of its work and have an established reputation for superior building finish with a very efficient construction process.

We have an Engineering Practice within the company so, therefore, clients have the peace of mind in knowing that competent and professional engineers are constantly supervising and monitoring the construction work. LYD engineers is involved in the planning, control and co-ordination of all building services to ensure that the building is completed according to the client’s requirements, on time, within cost, and to the highest quality standards.